Palisade Fence Features/Property

Palisadefencing is one of fencing trellis widely used athome and abroad. It is used in Englandat first. Palisade fencing instead of the brick wall or heavy fence makes yourlife environment clear. It is widely used because of people’s environmentpursuit, publicity of personal cleanliness and the pursuit of foreign style.Palisade fencing with beautiful structure and various styles are popular andwidely used.


Steelpalisade fence offers the following features/properties:

Palisade fence has the features of highstrength, good rigidity, structural stability, anti- corrosion, and beautifulappearance, wide vision, low price, various colors, styles and easily installed.

Processing of Palisade Trellis: Stamping,hot-dipped, spraying plastic, PVC anti- corrosion treatment.

Steel Palisade with Strong Structures for Building Fencing


With above features, the palisade railingsare used as protective fence or decorations in buildings, residential sites,industry, agriculture, city government, schools, lawn, garden roads, andtransports.