D and W Pale Palisade Fence

Palisade Fence is constructed with railing panels commonly composed with hot dipped galvanised steel tubes with pointed(single pointed or multipointed ) or round tops (round and round notched tops).

Base Material for railing panels: Hot-dip Galvanized steel Tube

Technology Procedure - Four layers surface coating treatment:

1. Hot-dip galvanizing: Extra protection against rust, corrosion;

2. Zinc phosphate: Promote the adhesion between the steel and coating film;

3. Zinc-rich epoxy powder coat: Providing long-lasting, anti-impaction and anti-corrosion;

4. Polyester color coat: With extra anti-UV rays, corrosion and self-cleaning

Picket and railing sizes commonly match each other as below:

Picket: 16X16X1.0MM Rail: 32X32X1.2MM or customized

Picket: 19X19X1.0MM Rail: 40X40X1.2MM or customized

Picket: 25X25X1.1MM Rail: 45X45X1.2MM or customized

Post: 50X50X1.5MM / 60X60X2.0MM or customized

Fence Width: 2.75m, Height: 2.5m, Pale section: "D" & "W", Thick of pale: 2.5mm 

Fence Width: 2.75m, Height: 2m, Pale section: "D" & "W", Thick of pale: 2.5mm
Surface finishing: Hot galvanized, powder painted