Palisade Fence Installation

Zhongtongdelivers trellis, fencing heads, posts and all parts to complete the Palisade Trellis Fencing System Installation. Detail information asfollowing.

As palisade fencing suppliers, we supply boththe W section style of palisade fencing and the D section style, with theintegrity of the palisade fence being maintained by the two horizontal railsthat are used as standard in palisade fences up to three meters high.

Major Parts for Installation on Site:
A standard palisade fence panel
is constructed from hot and cold rolledsteel sections supplied for assembly on site.


The palisadefence Panels consist of 17 vertical palesmanufactured in D" or W" profile with a choice of tops. The pales arefixed to 2 pieces of 50x50x5mm rolled steel angle horizontals which aresupported by 100 x 55x5mm joist posts.

A fish plate passes through a slotin the post and secures the horizontal rail captive in its position.


Thepales are connected to the horizontals to form thepanel and are held securely together by utilizing vandal resistant securityfasteners.

Mild Steel Palisade fence issupplied in 2.75m wide standard panels for easy assembly on site.

Specialpanels and posts to step or rack can be supplied ifrequired.

Nonstandard posts for cranking over walls, or baseplated for fixing to concrete are also available.