3200 m Palisade guardrail barrier constructed to ensure safety barrier- Xiaogan Hubei Province

Avenue of Hubei Xiaogan city traffic Palisade guardrail barrier before installing there were 259 minor traffic accident five months since, causing two deaths from traffic accidents. After installing guardrail barrier 5 months, a total of 217 plays a minor traffic accident, causing death from accidents 0, minor accidents and cause death rate has dropped by 17.2% and 100%, respectively.

To strengthen the urban road traffic management, vehicle curb arbitrary U-turn to grab Road, jaywalking pedestrian traffic and other uncivilized behavior, prevention and reduction of road traffic accidents, in October 2013, Xiaogan City Public Transport Authority installed in 3200 road traffic m center Palisade guardrail barrier. More than six months ago, have been effectively curbed traffic violations, accidents decreased slightly and accidents causing death rate fell 17.2 percent compared with Fence and 100%, respectively, prior to installation.

Hot Dipped Zinc Plated Bright Guardrails with Three Wave Beams

Road traffic is a major traffic thoroughfare Xiaogan city, the road on both sides of merchants densely distributed along the wire management community, group or residential communities, heavy traffic. Before installing Palisade guardrail barrier, middle of the road just a double yellow line marking, some traffic participants safety awareness is not strong, the vehicle turn around freely in the middle of the road, the lane, pedestrian and bicycle crossing the road at random and other traffic violations more prominent, not only greatly reduce the road capacity, can easily lead to traffic congestion and accidents. Municipal Traffic Management Bureau directly under a brigade though rush hour traffic arrangements in more than 10 police and traffic wardens every day across the board and the main road junctions patrol duty, but the effect is still unsatisfactory management.

Municipal Traffic Management Bureau in-depth research, demonstration and extensive solicitation of expert opinion on the basis of traffic Avenue installed 3200 meters center Palisade guardrail barrier. Since the installation of guardrail barrier, road traffic order traffic has been significantly improved, not only to curb the vehicle to turn around freely, to cross the line to overtake, non-motor vehicles, pedestrians and other road traffic offense random crossing traffic and uncivilized behavior, regulate vehicle traffic order , but also effective in reducing the road accidents.

Private car driver, "Cruz Teng" often driving the vehicle in road traffic, he told the author, was I just installed the fence a little bit accustomed to, that the road narrowed. But after some time, he realized the benefits of installing Palisade guardrail barrier, "the most intuitive feeling is casual pedestrian crossing the road a little, and access speed has improved."
Palisade guardrail barrier of six functions

Installed on the road Palisade guardrail barrier, not just a simple road isolation, more important purpose is to traffic, people express and delivery of urban traffic information, the establishment of a physical of traffic rules, the urban traffic safer, faster, orderly, smooth and easy. Avenue fence from the actual traffic situation, it is the main achievement of the six functions:
First, separate function. guardrail barrier on the road in the longitudinal sections are separated, will be traveling to the vehicle were physically separated, both to avoid mutual interference of traffic flow in different directions, but also effectively avoid the collision of the vehicle, increased vehicular traffic flow and safety.
The second is blocking. guardrail barrier effectively blocking pedestrians and non-motorized freely across the road, reducing the interference across the road pedestrian and non-motorized vehicle for normal driving, but also reduces the probability of pedestrian and bicycle traffic accidents.
Third, the deceleration function. After installing Palisade guardrail barrier , although the actual space of the motor vehicle traffic was not reduced, but the passage space "narrowing" in the driver's field of vision, the driver will consciously control the speed and reduce the speed of traffic violations.
Fourth warning function. Palisade guardrail barrier concise outline, fitted with reflective warning signs, you can prompt the driver's attention to the existence of fence and crossing pedestrians and non-motor vehicles, etc., play a role in the prevention of accidents.
Fifth, the induction function. Palisade guardrail barrier can induce driver's line of sight, clearly see the road ahead direction and road profile, making it more focused attention.

Sixth propaganda function. Use Palisade guardrail barrier PSAs posted traffic safety and prompt, more intuitive access to the vehicle on the road, and pedestrians conduct traffic safety education, and create a civilized and harmonious atmosphere traffic.