Palisade fence in highways, railways, airports, municipal engineering and other aspects of the use

Palisade fence isused in highways, railways, airports, municipal engineering and other aspects.

Railway Palisade fence is used for safety and protection of the importanttransportation infrastructure: highways and railways. Palisade fence post isdivided into galvanized steel, Y column, studded post and the C-shaped steel,etc. The railway fencing can be made with PVC coated welded wire mesh, chainlink fence and metal mesh, picket fence or palisade trellis. Palisade forrailway or highway fencing offers more security itself compared with otherstyles of mesh fencing.

Airport Palisade Fence


Airport PalisadeFence is also called "Y-type barrier mesh fence", with defensivestrength and the high level of security. By a V-shaped support post, reinforcedfencing panels and security fittings and hot dip galvanized razor wire meshcomposition. The installation of razor wire or barbed wire on the top ofpalisade fencing gives a good enhanced security performance.

Surface: zincplating, hot dip, plastic spray, etc. It has good anti-aging property, sunlightproof, and high adaptability to the season.

Fence for urban road isolation and partition:

The metal fencesare widely used in municipal public works, roads, factories, development zones,garden squares and other places of security and decorative landscaping.Palisade fence is beautiful and strong, has good corrosion resistance. The quickinstallation is done with less labor. The palisade fence can form a harmonywith the environment.

Residential Palisade fence:

Concise gridstructure, beautiful and practical.

Easy to transport,install within undulating terrain without restrictions.

Especially formountain slope bending zone highly adaptive.

Highway Palisade Fence

Rail Palisade Fence