Palisade Fence Guardrail Prices and Surface Color

The cost of palisade fence guardrails varieswith the materials and the surface treatments. The price of local steel influences the prices ofthe finished palisade fencing products. When you need an quotation, you mayconsult with details of fence styles, materials,surface finishes, quantity and packing and etc.

Palisade iron railings are used to replace the traditional wrought iron fences.Zhongtong offers bright galvanized and hot dipped steel and pvc vinyl coatingfinishes for the steel palisades.

The common surface colors forplastic or vinyl coated fencing include: Black, sky blue, black matte, grassgreen, white, dark pink, light pink.
Special decorative colors are: bronze, champagne, imitation bronze, otherspecial colors can also be modulated with additional cost.