DoubleWire Fence Detailed Installation Instructions

To accurately grasp the various facilitiesin the Especially in all kinds of pipes buried in the roadbed exactlocation,During the construction process does not allow for any damage causedby underground facilities


At Fence to give too deep into the uprightsshall not be removed column correction, need to be re-compacted and then intothe base, or adjust the column position. Should pay close attention to theconstruction of the depth control hammering efforts.

If installed on a bridge on the highway when mounting flange, pay attention tothe positioning and the column flange top surface elevation control.


If the use of bilateral fence as guardrail,the appearance of the product depends on the quality of the constructionprocess, the construction should pay attention to the construction preparationand piling machine combination, constantly sum up experience, strengthen theconstruction management, installation of the fence to guarantee the quality