Bilateral steel fence fence introduction, purpose , type, technology, characterized

Bilateral steel fence introduction, withuses, types, technology and features.

BilateralSteel Palisade fence is mainly used for fencing municipalgreen spaces, garden flower beds , gardens, roads , airports and perimeters.


The product has beautiful shape, color anddiverse, used as fencing, but also playing a role in landscaping. Surfacetreatment: relatively cheap and efficient treatment: cold galvanized , white ;spray, green , white, red , black, yellow and so on.


The corrosion resistance processing method:hot dip galvanized.


Onbilateral fence Specifications:


1 , Hot Dipped wire by 4.5mm - 5.5mm;


2 , mesh 60mm x 120mm wire around thebilateral ;


3 , the maximum size : 2300mm x 3000mm;


4 , column : 48mm x 2mm mild steel hot-dippedtreatment